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A common question I am posed these days is "Why is this blog called Killer On The Plate" when "For god's sake, but it does not even talk about meat"!

Well, let me share why?
"Killer On The Plate" struck us last year, when we celebrated our first anniversary. We went to this beautiful meditaranean-italian restaurant by the viaduct harbour and after enjoying the sea, the ambience, the wine and the antipasti we were faced will the dual dillema of ordering the entree. I say dilemma because in most Auckland restaurants finding an entree that is vegetarian limits down our options to less than ten percent of the entire menu. Finding a vegetarian entree that is not a salad or desert further reduces the available options to three percent or less (sometimes even zero).

The same thing happened here, but the chef was pretty sure he could modify any dish to our taste. So when we repeatedly convinced him to make our food super super hot and super super spicy, we were promised a Killer On The Plate.

I wish I could say what came on our plate enlightened us with some golden insight like that experienced by the Buddha under a banyan tree somewhere, but no, there wasn't any magic as such. The food was kind of bland and "Killer On The Plate" became a playful, sometimes sarcastic, refrain between us to describe our culinary experiments: a journey of few "Right" turns and several "Wrong" turns: wrong turns that often turned out to be unexpected, even pleasant, diversions, those that sometimes led to a different "Right" path and of course those that were just "Wrong"! A journey that made us agree (mutually) that the perfect Killer On The Plate need not be excessively hot, but appetizing, need not be excessively spicy, but fulfilling, that every mouthful of it should satiate the tastebuds and the heart alike.

6th February 2012 is our second anniversary, and also the first anniversary of an idea called "Killer On The Plate" and we would like to share this day with sweets.

Help us, would you? Vidhya from Sweet Karam Kapi already has, by suggesting we host Love-Lock with Sweets Part II. Vidhya's anniversary is on 9th February and we have decided to extend this event till 14th February 2012, so you can celebrate your own love with sweets this Valentine Day.

And so once again..
Although Love does not have rules and no limits..
this event does:
  • To enter, email the following details to AND with "Love Lock" in the subject line
                            your name
                            Blog name
                            Blog URL
                            Recipe name
                            Recipe URL 
                           1 image (approx 300 pixels)
  • Include this logo in your post

  • The post should be made between now and February 14th.
  • The post must link back to this event and to the Killer On The Plate blog with the words "Love Lock with Sweets" hosted by "Killer On The Plate" and created by Vidhya of Sweet Karam Kapi
  • Although archived entries (linked and re-posted) are allowed, fresh entries are highly appreciated.
  • All dishes are to be vegetarian only. Eggs are allowed in baking only.
        Enjoying the event is mandatory!


  1. Came here through a friend's blog. Great to find you. And just linked my cookies post for your event. Do check my mail and let me know if it is fine.

  2. Nice Event!Any events u mail me.

  3. I send Semolina cookies in love lock with sweet event. Plz check this.

  4. Hey Privish
    I have sent 2 recipes I guess (may be more). Love this event, making food for someone special


  5. sending mine take part in my event 'Chocolate Lover' at


  7. First time on your blog..Loved your space and happy to follow you..Drop at my blog when you get time.


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