Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Microwave Easy Cooking on the Plate

It seems these days, I host events more frequently than I post recipes... I can only but hide behind a few (somewhat lame) excuses... prior commitments, too much going on on the work front and sheer laziness ( although not necessarily in that order) take up most of my time. Not to mention a broken laptop and a clean blackberry (Oh yes, we washed it in the washing machine!)

Coming back to the point, here is the announcement for this month's Microwave Easy Cooking (MEC). Srivalli from Cooking 4 all Seasons has been doing MEC for ages now. I am sure she has a library full of tempting Microwave recipes of all shapes and sizes somehwere on her blog.

For all those who are new to MEC, the event is easy enough... all you have to do is a post ANY dish made in the microwave. The theme is general, so be it soups, salads, snacks, entree, mains, dessert.... all are welcome IF they are in keeping with the following rules:

 1)All cooking must be done in the microwave.
 2) Please give clear instructons, especially about the time and power at which the cooking has been done.
 3) Preferably vegetarian recipes please.
 4) Any number of entries allowed.
 5) Old entries can be submitted, provided they are re-posted and linked to this event.
 6) All entries must link back to this page and to Srivalli's MEC.
 7) Please include the following logo in your post, as it helps to spread word.
 8) To participate please email the followiong information to me at with MEC in the subject line :
                                      your name:
                                      Blog name:
                                      Blog URL:
                                      Recipe name:
                                      Recipe URL:
                                      Picture of your recipe: (approx 300 pixels)
 9) non bloggers too, are welcome to pparticipate. Just email the recipe and picture to Killer On The Plate
 10) Last Date of submission is 31st March 2012.
 11) And finally, Don't forget to enjoy!

Happy Microwaving!


  1. I'll give it a try...happy hosting...ongoing event : Comfort Food at

  2. Replies
    1. Amy, when I read your entry I was in comlete awe of you.. I have never though of a recipe so simple, easy, quick and healthy ... thanks a ton

  3. Hi, I just sent two entries :)


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